Buying a Home with AD

In order  to have the most enjoyable buying experience I require three things to happen from the beginning.

1.  60-90 min buyer consultation: whether I've known you for 20 years or 20 minutes we sit down together to plot the course to homeownership.  However, time is the most valuable commodity so I also incorporate  Google hangout video call technology.   This way we can still have the critical "face to face" meeting to answer  your most pressing  questions.

2.  AD buying  process guide pdf:  after our initial consultation if we agree to move forward I send my home buying guide.  It's an informative  pdf document that reinforces our discussion and outlines what exactly is needed from consultation to closing.  To see the guide click the image below for quick access!    


3.  Open houses:  the final step before going on showings is for buyers to attend as many open houses as possible in the desired area.  This is a low pressure way to see properties particularly if buyer does not need to purchase for 3-6 months away.

Are you ready to being?  Start your home search now at my site by signing up here. I will contact you within 24 hours to see if an initial consultation would benefit you!