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Ok, video seven, seven secrets video seven onto your so that properties, your listing is alive. Yes. OK. This first week of going live is still very critical. How are we going to structure this going live and hitting the mls? I'd like to put my listings on Monday or Tuesday. Why do I do then? OK, what I want is I want to at least five to seven full days of a crude market time. I want people to save the search when they're looking. You know when I send a Kate, how the mix works here. When you syndicate your listing out, it goes to hundreds and hundreds of websites. OK? Majority of the people are going to be looking on zillow. They're gonna be looking on redfin. They're gonna be looking on Trulia, That's the lion Share those four sites of the traffic and so I want plenty of time. People are busy professionals. They could be working traditional hours, eight to five, that can be working overnight. I want enough time for the maximum amount of people to see the listing.


See the open house. I always have my open houses either Saturday or Sunday or both days. So when we have that open house, there's just, there's a maximum amount of people and oh, by the way, during that whole week, I don't how showings until at least that Friday we wanted to build massive buzz. The whole point, the whole point of my job as a marketer is to get the maximum amount of eyes, not only seeing it online and making sure everything looks very pretty online, which I've explained in my previous six and what I do as far as preparation and pricing and promoting it. I gave it a little taste of the, of the promotional aspects I do, um, in, in video number six, um, you know, we want them that to equate to those eyeballs, to actually physical people coming in to the open houses. Um, and Oh, by the way, then agents are also sending my listing over to their buyers. And so what we're seeing here now in the marketplace, within a week, we're getting offers. That's how hot it is right now. So if you're considering selling, talk to me. I hope you found these first six very beneficial to you. Um, let's get your place in the market. Stop waiting. Stop getting on the fence. Particularly now, this is may where I'm shooting this video. I mean, this is a great time now to put your place here in the city. I primarily work in the city, but I'm happy to help in the suburbs. Um, if I don't, if I'm not personally involved, I have trusted advisors, trusted colleagues that I can refer you. I can refer you to a great agent in the suburbs.


Um, so I hope you found these seven secrets. Uh, my next series, which I'm really excited about is I'm basically going to be walking you through you the perfect prospective seller signing of the listing agreement all the way to closing. That will be my next series. Thank you again. Um, in the description, I have several links. One, if we wanted to search homes, you know, as I mentioned earlier in one of my videos, if you're buying and selling, selling simultaneously, it's good to get that that search started, um, with, um, with selling a buying and selling. And then of course, um, I have my complete 12 point checklist to getting top dollar in the shortest amount of time. I have a link below for that. Have a great day, folks. Onto yours. Would that properties.


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