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Video number six, six, six, six of my seven secrets to selling your Chicago home. Thank you. Thank you so much. If you've watched the first five, if you watch any of my buying videos are really appreciate you watching and being educated. If you don't know by now, I'm an onto yours without properties here in the city, and number six here is building the bugs. If you're considering working with a realtor, that will simply put a sign on the fence, put it in the mls and pray that it sells. You're just doing yourself a disservice. OK? You have to create the proper buzz that is leveraging the online marketing strategies already available to build that buzz before it even goes on the market. Do three critical things before I place the client's property on the market. OK? Number one, zillow. The big elephant in the room, right?

If you talk to some of my colleagues, they have, I don't like the word hate. They disliked the zillow because apparently, um, I don't even know why. I don't know why they, despite that's a whole other conversation I choose to leverage zillow. Zillow, by far is the number one search portal. Um, I have a marketing guide. I have a really good graphic. You can actually see the numbers, number of views and why it's number one. Um, click in the description. I'm all I would need as a name, email, um, some basic conduct information. I'll be happy to send you that marketing guide, um, that actually outlines all of my 12 steps, which is video number seven, but for the here and now we're talking about, um, number six, why specifically do with leveraging zillow is I'll create a coming soon, coming soon listing in zillow.

So, um, they have a great feature where they allow the agent to do a walkthrough video. Um, so once a property is obviously properly prepared and ready to go prior to photography to digital photography, digital photography professional photos is very, very important. But before that I'll actually walk through. I use a stabilizer a so it's not shaky and I walked through your property and do about a two minute video and that video gets uploaded into zillow. And video is huge. I use video as part of my strategy. Um, I also have a professional videographer, but for Zillow and their requirements, no sound, um, you'd be surprised in how many views you get. So I do the coming soon listening, I upload the professional beautiful photos, I do the walk through. That's already that momentum that built, and this is all done at least a week now of every situation is different.

Sometimes sellers need more time and it's just not enough time and so that we get shrunk down before we got to get it on the market. But what I really try to advise, I need a least a week if not more, to, to do these comings soon activities. So number one is the zillow coming soon with the walkthrough. Video number two, I create a lifestyle video I hire at my own expense, a professional videographer who will basically not only take the unit video because people are seeing through my gorgeous professional photography. I have a, I always hire out. I'm market your property. I hired professionals for you. So it looks professional. OK? Um, I already had a professional photographer, photos. Stills that same photographer does a walk through three 3d representation so people can see a 3d dimension as an overlay. I also include Alaska video so people can see it from different angles and if you do photos plus listing video plus [inaudible] video, that just gives a really good representation of the property.

Not only does that videographer take the inside of the property, they also will take the surrounding lifestyle, what's going on if there's, um, hot bars and restaurants right down the street. And, um, there's a train station that's very important to people. OK, I have them take that. So that's two, three facebook. So this is a little bit of a touchy subject because as you know with Cambridge Analytica, privacy is of course number one. And I know facebook is doing a lot of changes. Um, however facebook advertising is here to stay. So what I do is out of compliance, I have a privacy policy on any advertising that I do. I create a coming soon listing and that will either have your listing video or photos and I send a perspective buyer to that landing page which has the photos, the video, and the still photos. Um, and I collect information and contact those buyers.

t's a great way. Um, I, uh, I have the ability as a facebook advertiser and the premium facebook advertiser. I can target people in certain zip codes who may like properties that say as a property, a listening right now in Evanston. So I will say people who like northwestern, right, who are looking to buy the dip in there looking to buy in Evanson, they'd probably have some affinity to northwestern, not all of them, buyers perspective buyers, but some of them have, if any, to northwestern. And so that's how I capture that audience. So those three things are really critical for this, for this video here. Again, coming soon, zillow, listening with walkthrough video to lifestyle video, OK, with a professional videographer and three coming soon. Facebook advertising. That's all before we even put it on the market. So I hope you found this video informative. Any questions at all? And onto yours so that property's contact information is right here and have a wonderful day.

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