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OK, well, the first four videos we've gone through pricing, condition marketing, an essence, preparing the home, pricing the home. You're getting excited and you're watching my videos, you've talked to your significant other and you're ready to put the place on the market, but then you're kind of backing up for a second saying, OK, well, I don't know, Chicago is very seasonal.

When should I put my place on the market? OK, so typically end of February all the way through September and even in October, um, I have listed homes and there really hasn't been a huge, just because of what's going on here in the market place. And I've been trying to, um, you know, reiterate this over and over and over, you know, we have very limited limited supply. So something is happening nationwide. Folks, we have limited supply, very high demand and that is, is different neighborhood to neighborhood. And I'm happy to share, um, a neighborhood update to you. You can contact me actually the inflows right here in contact me and I can give you the numbers on your specific neighborhood of interests, but across the board and all these neighborhoods, limited supply, high demand, it's Econ, [inaudible]. Um, properties are flying off as a result of home prices are increasing.

This is a great time or just not getting enough homeowners to act. So while it would probably be better to put the place in the market in March versus let's say if right now you're seeing this video and it's December of 2018, you may want to spend that time in, in that preparation. And I did a preparation video, right? And basically, you know, getting the pre-listing inspection and handling the preparation in those winter months. So you're ready to go in March and also kind of goes to your motivation. 

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