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Hello this is Anant Deoras with @properties we were in video. Three. Folks think three is the importance of home staging. OK, so video one, I explained the three very important factors in determining home values. Video two, we went through pre-listing inspection and preparation and one of those critical elements of the preparation. I thought it was so important. I decided to have basically do an own video with staging. So now we're talking about the importance of staging. Staging at the very essence of it basically allows the buyer to visualize a home. Now you know, if you plan on leaving your furniture and let's say you're going to go buy new furniture, then of course we may want to move a couple of the items around, but staging will necessarily necessary. But for majority of homeowners considering the list, they're going to be moving out of, out of state.


They're going to be moving to the suburbs, they're going to be taking their furniture with, with them. So the first thought is, well, I'll just keep it vacant, but as I said that visit, visit, visit, excuse me, visualization. Well, I can't say that word. Um, is very critical and you don't have to believe me, I'm going to put a graphic up on the screen in this graphic here. This was done by the National Association of Realtors. There are annual home staging. I'm a survey and to really important percentages kind of stand out. It's the 50 percent from the seller's agents and the 77 percent from the buyer's agent, that 50 percent, the [inaudible] percent number with staging basically equated to anywhere from one to 10 percent increase in the ultimate value. There's real quantitative measures here on that initial investment, which we'll get to as far as what they would cost and the Roi, right?

Also that 77 percent, again, people need to be able to picture how the furniture would kind of arranged the positioning. Seventy seven percent of buyers agents found that their buyers told them that the stage home help them visualize. So the numbers are right there folks. OK. So, um, let's kind of talk about costs, right? Very important. Typically stages. I know my preferred stagers that I use, um, required, they do require a contract and that's if you're home goes under contract in five days or 60 days, it's typically a three month contract with a fourth month free and the pricing is really going to depend on what you need. Um, what I'm seeing right now, two and three bedroom condos are ranging anywhere from 2000 to 3000. OK, that seem like a lot, but if you can equate that one to 10 percent of increased value on the whole, I mean, we're talking anywhere from 20,000 to 30,000. I'm a return from that stage versus it being vacant. So it's a very, very, very, a wise investment to have. Um, I hope you found this video to be informative. Um, if you need that graphic, again, please reach out to me in my contact information is right here. And, um, you can contact me. I can send you the graphic. We talked today. We talked about the importance of staging video three of seven total, seven secrets to selling your home on a non zero so that properties have a wonderful day.

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