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Video one. We talked about three really important factors. Price, condition, and marketing. OK, so that second step, condition. This is we're going to be talking about in video two, pre inspection and preparation. Before we get to the pre-inspection, I want to talk about preparation. By the way,  If you need to purchase a home, OK, and you're selling your home, your first step is to get on the mos in the body. Um, of this youtube video. I have a, my advanced search. Um, I want you to get in there and started looking at properties, properties that are going super fast in the popular neighborhoods. So you definitely want to start searching, isolate a property, and then I have steps that need to be done in order to handle both. This is not really this video, but reach out to me. I did a blog post on both buying and selling your home simultaneously. So let's kind of go back to the previous thing. Inspection strongly, strongly recommend if you have a property. Didn't think anything more than 10 years old. Um, and you have not done a lot of updates in the property. I strongly recommended pre-listing inspection. I offer on a case by case basis.


I do offer to absorb that. Cost is not an in-depth inspection, but my preferred inspector comes in and does an audit of the home and gives you a general idea. He won't run the Dishwasher, but he would do the basics. Check the windows, the floors, um, check to see if there's any water intrusion. Something maybe you missed. Um, and so it's best to know that information up and really helps during negotiations. Um, I'm going to be doing a contract to closing kind of informative, um, video series that kind of explain how that process is when you're negotiating with a buyer, you have acceptance all the way to closing. And part of that is um, inspections. OK? So it's kind of better to have that knowledge and get everything rectify up front so you can maximize your dollars when you're negotiating because the buyer can't tell you, oh, well these floors need to be done. Or, um, you know, the furnace is old, you've already proactively handle it. So the pre inspection, OK, pre-listing inspection on the preparation part for things.


OK,do you want to consider painting? You definitely want to declutter. You have the deep, personalized, I know that home many. It's a very emotional process, very great memories there, but you have to depersonalize, make the home as neutral as possible for the maximum amount of buyers coming into your home. So to, that's depersonalized. Declutter three. You want to, um, consider staging, and I'm going to do a little bit more in depth of video regarding a staging and four was that that a pre-listing inspection. So pre-listing inspection, declutter, depersonalize painting, fresh coat of paint is always great. And Staging, which we're going to get too in depth in the next video. So that is pre listing, inspection and preparation. I hope you found the video to be informative. This is video two in my seven. Step, seven secrets to selling your Chicago home. I'm an onto Yara so that properties, any questions at all of my contact information is actually going to be right up here. Have a great day, folks.


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