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Hi, Anant Deoras with @properties.  This is video number one in my video series, seven secrets to selling your Chicago home. What is video number one? Video number one is three factors, price, condition and marketing which affects home values and ultimately determines the price of your home. Let's get into it. The first step pricing, what we do when I sit down with you is we'd go through comparative sales. Forget what you're seeing on zillow or A lot of times a lot of those properties have not sold or they're actually actives. We will look through actives and we may look at some properties are under contract, but at the end of the day, the last six months of sold data in your particular micro neighborhood really goes a long way to determining what will be pricing your property on the market price. OK, I'm happy to send you a comparative market analysis, All that is needed is name and email and we can definitely discuss that.


You may be living in the most desirable area of Chicago, but if your place is not in the proper condition, if you've not done the necessary maintenance, there's a lot of responsibility being a homeowner, folks, and you have. You have not put the time to the upkeep, the annual upkeep that is going to help determine your value. Your neighbor may be pricing their home 10 or $15,000 more because not only have they maintained their property, they may have updated the kitchen or the bathroom or the floors, so condition strongly as a factor. That's factor number two in determining in the home value.


Number three, the third factor is marketing. At the end of the day, you as a prospective seller control the price with my guidance. Of course you control the condition. It's your property. What you don't control, and where I come in as a marketer is the marketing. I have a very systematic plan and I'll be taking each of those elements and a little bit bite size pieces as we work through the videos, culminating with my seventh video, which will basically lay out all of my 12 step systematic checklists to get you top dollar in the quickest amount of time.


So this is video number one, three factors, price marketing, excuse me, price, condition, and marketing that affect home values. I hope you enjoyed the video. Any questions that all, again, right up here is my contact information and in video number two we are going to be talking about prepare an inspect. Have a great one.


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