Hi, there. Anant Deoras, @properties. We're in my third video here. The first video, I explained why you should be using my website, anantdeoraschicagore.com. Two was having the in-person buyer consultation which is very critical.  Here in the third video we want to understand your wants and needs, right, so customizing the home search. Customizing the home search, or searching homes for sale, is third step in my complete video series "Buying a Chicago home" Remember: my website has some distinct advantages over the standard portal sites like zillow and realtor dot com. To watch my “importance of the real estate website” video again or see it for the first time please click here the Do you want up to 300,000, two bedrooms, three baths? That's the basics kind of standard searches. Watch the video below!


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 My website, I have it broken down to if you want to pay a certain amount of taxes a year, your assessments if you're buying a condo, if you want parking, pets, right? Pets are like family. You can actually filter certain properties that allow pets. Not a lot of associations allow pets. You can filter by dogs. You can filter by cats, so customize your way. Make sure as you're getting the sites going there, if you have any questions, it does get a little difficult when you're in the back end of my website. Call me, (773) 490-6151. That's my direct cell phone number. I'll be happy to help.


It's more ideal to meet in person, but I totally get it. Your time horizon to purchase may be several months away, you don't want to meet. That's fine. I just want to make sure that I'm meeting your needs. You are my priority. I may be reached at 312.884.9793 or ad@anantdeoraschicagore.com. This video was about the wants and needs, a very critical third step in my buying a Chicago home video series. I hope you enjoy the search. Happy searching!