Anant Deoras at @Properties. Today's video I want to talk about the buyer consultation. It's a complimentary service that I provide all my perspective buyers. The in office home buyer consult is step #2 in my home buyer series buying a Chicago home. It's very important to have one of these regardless if you're 15 days, 30, even up to 180 days out from actually making a purchase decision. The consultation properly sets expectations. My process is setup into two parts. Watch the video then read below on the two parts!


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The first part, which I like to call the fun uncle part, is looking at properties. Who doesn't love looking at properties, HGTV basically highlighted that. The second part, which I kind of talk about being where I actually sometimes have to be a parent, is the more serious and contract and closing parts. Both sections we sit down for about 30 to 45 minutes and talk in depth, answer any of your questions that you have, and it's very beneficial that we conduct this, specifically in my office. Actually you can see in the back, I basically fire up my website, I walk you through how the website works, and show you a couple of documents. Basically you get a tangible packet that you could use as a takeaway.


If you're short on time you can have the consultation first at the office and then we can go through properties, we can do it all in one day. Make sure you schedule your free consultation. I can be reached at 312.884.9793. Have a great day.