Anant Deoras here @properties. Today's video I'm talking about the importance of a lender and the pre-approval. This step, #7, is part of a 13 part series of buying a Chicago home. Watch to learn more!


If you're receiving this video and you haven't consulted with the lender, you need to do so ASAP, particularly, of course, if you're looking to purchase over the next 90 days. Anything longer than that, you can probably wait, but it's better, sooner rather than later, to at least have the discussion with the lender. So why? Two reasons. One, purchase power. You kind to need to know, based upon your specific financial situation what properties you should be looking at. You shouldn't be looking at $400,000 properties if the purchase power, based upon the lender's consult says, up to 300, right. That's obvious. Two, sellers. All sellers require proof of funds, if it's cash. If it's financing, a pre-approval document together with a professional offer. So those are two reasons. Any questions at all, contact me.