Hiya. Anant Deoras, back again at it, with a great new video. I'm hoping you're enjoying the drip of purely educational videos. I hope you find that you them informative and of course, any questions let me know. Today, importance of the home inspection. Home inspection is step #9 in a 13 part video series to buying a Chicago home. Watch the video to learn more!



This may sound common sense but I do get a lot of buyers asking, "I've got all these costs Anant, why do I got to buy, pay for a home inspector?" Look, you have to. Okay? And frankly, I would strongly advise you to first of all never waive the inspection contingency, okay? As I mentioned, the cost, 250 to 450, what does the inspector do? The inspector's job here, okay, you call them, book it. Allocate at least 120 minutes, if not more, it could be less depending on the size of the condo. Unfortunately a lot of times the inspectors work business hours, so you're just going to have to take some time out of the day. And what the inspector will do is go through, and ensure all of the appliances, the mechanicals in the property are operational, right? So basically, in order for the contract and the closing to happen, your basically rights are, you know the appliances could be 25 years, they could be five years old, as long as they're operational, you really need to move forward, right? Obviously you can cancel the deal, but I was advised, as long as they're operational, that, if you wanted to get new appliances, it's typically going to be your expense. Of course that could always be negotiated. So they're going to look at all that. They're going to look at the floors, they're going to look at the roof, critical, right? Roof could be a very expensive cost element. If you're in an association that's shared expense, so they're going to basically examine it and provide guidance. Exterior, ceiling, typically with tuck pointing that needs to be done every seven to nine years, if you have a 15 year association that hasn't been done that could raise a red flag, and the inspector's there to inspect that. At the end of the day, you're buying the biggest asset of your life, so you need to make sure that it's properly protected and one of the ways to help on the long term cost aspect is to pay the money up front for the inspector. So that's a little bit of a high level, and of course, I have inspector names again, similar to my lenders that I trust and I always refer out to my clients, however, as always, if you have someone that you trust, you want to use, that's fine. But again, make sure you need to devote at least a couple of hours, and of course, I'll meet you also at the property and provide you some additional guidance during the home inspector. Okay? Any other questions, give me a call, Thank you.