Buying a Chicago home | Five elements of the mortgage payment


Hiya, Anant Deoras here with @properties. In today's video, this is particularly important if you're looking at condos. Five elements. Five elements of the mortgage payment. This video is step 5 of a 13 part video series of buying a Chicago home. Okay? Number one, principal of course. Two, interest. Three, taxes. Four, condo insurance, home owners insurance. The fifth element, I think that was a movie, right? The fifth element is home owners association fees. That's something that you have to consider if you are looking to purchase a condo versus a regular fee simple home. Those are the five elements, just want to repeat them. Principal, interest, taxes, home owners insurance, condo fees, home owners association fees. I hope you enjoy this really quick video and searching on this site, I'm always available to answer your questions. Until next time, have a great day. Watch the video below for more insights!